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The World’s Most Exclusive Club

The Triple Gold Club

[This is written jointly with Alvin AuYoung] What’s the NBA’s Most Exclusive Club?  Well, let’s first consider this question in the context of other sports. The Club should honor specific, noteworthy achievements, and have very few members.  The Club of Golf Grand Slam Champions might qualify: a purist would argue that the only member is Bobby Jones, …

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The National Popular Vote: A Good Idea that Won’t Happen, and A Bad Idea That Might

 The National Popular Vote System In the previous three posts, we’ve introduced the Threshold Popular Vote, showed how it would work in practice, and compared it to other electoral college reforms.  In this post, we’ll look at the simplest of all reforms: dump the electoral college and elect the President directly.  It’s good enough for most …

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Comparisons to Other Reforms

In previous posts, we introduced the Threshold Proportional Vote and showed how it would work in practice.   In this post, we’ll look at other proposals for electoral college reform. This isn’t the only proposal for electoral college reform.    There are three  proposals that have received a great deal of attention: a national Maine-Nebraska …

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