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Bring Back the Gang of 14 — permanently

Today (April 6) the GOP completed Reid’s Revolution in Senate Rules, abolishing the filibuster for Supreme Court appointments.  As with the Democrats’ earlier abolition of the filibuster for all appointments save the Supreme Court, this is a bad idea: the filibuster has great value as a safeguard in preventing the confirmation of a thoroughly unacceptable …

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The Coming Clinton “Groundslide”

This tawdry campaign has little to recommend it; The Economist’s October 15th cover, The debasing of American politics, summed up just how far we’ve sunk.  As I write this, there are still ten wretched days in which the most disgraceful American political figure since Aaron Burr will continue to defecate upon our culture and democracy. …

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A Twin Paradox Variant, With a Surprise

The “Twin Paradox” in Special Relativity is well known.  One of  the pair, conventionally Homer, remains on Earth while his twin, Ulysses, takes off in a high-speed rocket for another star, rounds the star and comes home.  When Ulysses emerges from his spacecraft he finds that Homer has aged far faster than he has.  A …

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Obama’s Community College Idea Should Get GOP Support

I haven’t annoyed my Republican friends for some time, and I’ve been kicking my Democratic friends in the shins, so it’s time to restore a little balance.  President Obama’s Community College idea is a good one, and it should be supported.  And even Prof. Milton Friedman (might) say it’s a good idea.  Here’s why. Here’s …

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#DeflateGate culprit? Physics

PV = nRT.  It’s one of those laws you learned in high-school physics.  For any gas, pressure x volume = number of molecules x temperature.  The New England Patriots’ balls were tested in the Referee’s Room before the game.  We don’t know the temperature, but 70°F = 20°C = 293.5°K is a good guess.  The …

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All in, The Unbalanced Schedule Wasn’t That Unfair

  The 2013 Major League season is (almost) over, with only a tiebreaker playoff between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers remaining.  But the complaints have been flying fast and furious that the Major League schedule for 2013 was unfair to teams in the American League East.  Specifically, contending teams from the West …

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