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The 2016 Election With the Threshold Proportional Vote

In 2012, I wrote a series of blog posts (starting here) studying what would happen if Electoral Votes were awarded proportionally according to the vote in a state, not winner-take-all as is the practice in all but two states today (the other two award two EV’s to the winner of the state and one to the …

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The Coming Clinton “Groundslide”

This tawdry campaign has little to recommend it; The Economist’s October 15th cover, The debasing of American politics, summed up just how far we’ve sunk.  As I write this, there are still ten wretched days in which the most disgraceful American political figure since Aaron Burr will continue to defecate upon our culture and democracy. …

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The National Popular Vote: A Good Idea that Won’t Happen, and A Bad Idea That Might

 The National Popular Vote System In the previous three posts, we’ve introduced the Threshold Popular Vote, showed how it would work in practice, and compared it to other electoral college reforms.  In this post, we’ll look at the simplest of all reforms: dump the electoral college and elect the President directly.  It’s good enough for most …

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Comparisons to Other Reforms

In previous posts, we introduced the Threshold Proportional Vote and showed how it would work in practice.   In this post, we’ll look at other proposals for electoral college reform. This isn’t the only proposal for electoral college reform.    There are three  proposals that have received a great deal of attention: a national Maine-Nebraska …

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The Threshold Proportional Vote System in Practice

In our previous post, we discussed the Threshold Proportional Vote System.  Here, we look at how it would work in practice. We can go back into our election records to find out how the Threshold Proportional Vote System would work in practice.  We  looked at a number of prominent elections in our past, and simulated them using …

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America Needs a New Electoral System: And Here’s One That Would Work

We’re heading into another national election — well, actually not.  We’re heading into another 12-state election.  RealClearPolitics has 12 states with 147 electoral votes in the tossup column (New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada).  At least a couple  of these — Wisconsin, Arizona — are really leaning to …

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